Vitamin C Symptoms deficiency in the body

أعراض نقص فيتامين  C في الجسم

Vitamin C Symptoms deficiency in the body

Vitamin C deficiency occurs in the body as a result of malnutrition or smoking, and there are some symptoms that appear on the body, which are signs of vitamin C deficiency, these signs are:
• Change in the appearance of the skin as a result of the lack of collagen in it.
Weakness in the activity of blood vessels
• The appearance of obvious bruises on the skin, as a result of weak blood vessels
slow wound healing
• Occurrence of problems in the immune system.
• The appearance of white spots on the nails.
• Iron deficiency in the body.

Vitamin C Symptoms deficiency for the skin

The skin is greatly affected in the event of a lack of vitamin C in the body, as some symptoms appear, such as:
Some wrinkles appeared due to lack of collagen.
Skin withering and the disappearance of freshness and radiance.
slow wound healing
The appearance of some sores and scars on the skin.
skin dryness.
Bleeding occurs.

Vitamin C benefits for the face

There are many benefits of vitamin C for the body, especially the skin, as it works on:
• Safe for most skin types.
• A good moisturizer for the skin.
• Anti-drying.
• Lightens skin tone.
• Helps unify your skin tone.
• Helps skin pigmentation.
• Reduces the appearance of under-eye circles.
• Promotes collagen production.
• Helps prevent sagging skin.

Causes of Vitamin C deficiency

There are many reasons that lead to a deficiency of vitamin C in the body, these reasons are:
• The diet does not contain vitamin C.
• Frequent use of medical drugs.
• Lack of fruits and vegetables.
• Having eating disorders or psychological eating problems.
A disorder of the immune system.
• Suffering from chronic diarrhea.
• Exposure to chemotherapy sessions.
• Suffering from kidney failure, and dialysis.
• The occurrence of problems in the digestive process.

How to compensate for the deficiency of vitamin C

You can compensate for the lack of vitamin C by sticking to a diet in which all the elements of vitamin C are available from fruits and vegetables. You can also take vitamins and nutritional supplements from various vitamin C products. You can order any of these products through the Vitazone website for vitamins and nutritional supplements with ease.

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