The importance of vitamin C for children

أهمية فيتامين سي للأطفال

Vitamins of all kinds are of great importance in the children’s body, as they work on its proper growth and development, as well as protecting it from various diseases, and preserving vital body systems from any diseases that may infect them. Children get vitamins either from food sources or from nutritional supplement products that are prescribed by doctors in the event of a deficiency in a particular vitamin. In the body and preventing the body from anemia, and other benefits that vitamin C gives children and adults, which we will separate in this article.

Vitamin C benefits for children
There are many benefits of vitamin C for children, including:
• Strengthen the immune system.
• Protection of children from various diseases.
• Aiding in the speed of wound healing.
• Effectively absorb food.
• Protection of the body from infection with anemia.
• Preserving the skin and the skin of the child.
• Necessary for healthy bones and teeth.
• Helps generate energy.
Vitamin C side effects for children
Vitamin C becomes harmful to the child if the necessary dose of vitamin C supplements is increased, as the child suffers from:
Weakened immune system.
slow wound healing
Kidney stones.
Excess iron in the body, which leads to the emergence of other problems in the body.
bleeding in the gums;
Dry skin and complexion.
The necessary dose of vitamin C for a child, according to his age
Babies 0-6 months old need 40 mg of vitamin C daily. As for a child at the age of 7-12 months, he needs 50 mg per day, and a child at the age of 1-3 years needs 15 mg of vitamin C per day. While it rises to 25 mg at the age of 4-8 years, and then to 45 mg at the age of 9-13 years. At the age of 14-18 years, girls need 65 mg of vitamin per day, and boys need 75 mg per day.
Vitamin C overdose for children
In the event that a large amount of vitamin C is obtained through food sources, the body will get rid of it through the excretion process, but in the event of an overdose of one of the vitamin C supplements, there are some symptoms that will appear on the child, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, Heartburn, abdominal cramps, headache, and insomnia. Excess doses also cause weakening of immunity, slow wound healing, kidney stones, dry hair, and bleeding gums.

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