The importance of calcium for pregnant

The importance of calcium for pregnant

The fetus needs large amounts of calcium to ensure the proper growth process, and to build strong bones and teeth. It was found that the fetus is born with a total body stock of approximately 25 g of calcium, all of it derived from the mother. Calcium also helps the development of the fetus’s heart, nerves and muscles, as well as the development of a normal heart rhythm.

The importance of calcium for pregnant

Calcium is one of the most important elements for building and maintaining strong bones, and the heart, muscles and nerves need calcium to function properly. Calcium is an important element during pregnancy; The fetus needs more calcium for growth, and for the health of the pregnant woman as well.

The importance of calcium for pregnant

Calcium deficiency for pregnant

Calcium deficiency in the body of a pregnant woman leads to many different symptoms that pose a threat to her health and the health of the fetus, including osteoporosis and softness, and the exposure of pregnant women to fractures easily, and if this happens, it is difficult for the fracture to heal quickly. Spasms in the muscles of the body, especially in the legs, and these spasms can reach the area of ​​​​the upper hands. Surprisingly dry skin during pregnancy with eczema. Tooth decay and erosion.


The effects of calcium deficiency on the fetus

The damage or effect of calcium deficiency on the fetus is the same as the effect of its deficiency on the mother, but the damage to the fetus is in the nervous and muscular system, where calcium deficiency affects the formation of the nervous and muscular system and affects the formation of the brain and may cause brain damage, and causes apnea and spasms after birth.

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How to get calcium

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