How VitaZone Works

To find the product:

There is a search box located at the top of the site, write the product you are looking for and you will find everything you want.
Use a browsing list of all products if you want to browse a specific product category.
You can move between sections until you get what you want.
You can use multiple selections on the left to select the products that best suit you.
Click on the product to find out the price and add to the shopping cart.

Find out about the product and then add it to the shopping cart:

Click on the product, learn details such as photos, specifications, price, customer rating and then add to your yearning cart.
You can also view other offers and products for the same seller.

Login and check-in shopping cart:

To view, the shopping cart click follows the purchase process to make sure that everyone you want to buy is in the shopping cart.
If you are an existing user, access your account only, if you do not have an account yet you can open an account or contact through your Facebook.

Confirmation of the Order:

Enter your address in detail and click the Save button.
Choose the payment method that's right for you and how many VitaZone options are.
Check your shopping cart, shipping options and payment method and then confirm your order.

Follow up on the order until it is delivered to you:

With VitaZone you can follow the status of the order until you get to you through the order tracking page, enter it will show you its full data and what its status is now.