VitaZone return policy

Vitazone returns and refunds:

When the Ordered is returned, the amounts due are refunded by the same payment method in which the Order was made.

Returns are accepted according to Vitazone and all of them are subject to the laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt and also under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Agency.

The following shall be taken into account when refunding the value of the Product:

Product price, shipping charges, applicable discount vouchers, refund of the value of the product by depositing a balance in the account on the Vitazone platform, in the Vitazone wallet, by purchase vouchers, telephone transfer, bank transfer or any other method we may specify in any later.

If the order was sent with a product that was not Ordered, please contact us immediately through our available means of communication (e-mail - mobile - Live chat - WhatsApp - Messenger) to be replaced or returned urgently.

If the payment was made by one of the online payment methods and we did not send the order within the specified period mentioned in the customer’s control panel, the amount will be refunded to the same method of payment in which the order was created.

To obtain the refund of the amounts due, the product must be unopened at all and in the same condition of dispatch in which you received the product, provided that it is in its original packaging.

After sending the product mentioned in the order that was sent, we will check it and inform you of the receipt of the item and also the status of the refund due.

Returns for Vitazone:

Vitazone states that all products on the platform that are being sold are original and in excellent condition for all products. If any of these conditions are not met, we will be very happy to return the purchased, return or exchange it according to the customer's Order, and this will be reported within 24 hours from the date of receiving the Order.

We can modify or cancel any order as long as it is inside the office and has not been shipped.

The return period for products is within 14 days from the date of receiving the order.

Shipping fees for return orders:

As for the shipping fees, we will deduct them from the total money owed according to the condition of the reason for the return, meaning that if the reason for the return was caused by a defect in the product or a wrong sending on our part, the replacement will be free of charge with a full refund of the money owed to the customer. If otherwise, consideration will be given to the Order status.

Vitazone has the right to dispose of the product within 60 days if Vitazone does not agree to return the product and at the same time, the customer refuses to receive the product. The buyer bears the product shipping fee and the return fee if the return is due to the buyer's mistake and the product is still in its original condition without being opened.

Vitazone periodically updates these policies on the platform and the update is announced on various digital means, so please review them periodically to be sure of any changes to these policies.