How to get fish oil?

How to get fish oil

Fish oil is an oil derived from the tissues of oily fish. Fish used as sources of fish oil are not actually producing omega-3 fatty acids, but rather their buildup by consuming microalgae or prey fish that has collected omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, fish oil can be obtained by eating its natural sources from different fish or in the form of nutritional supplements rich in it.

the importance of fish oil
the importance of fish oil

The importance of fish oil to the body

The importance of fish oil lies in its many benefits for the body, as it works on:

Lowering blood pressure, triglycerides.
Helping lose weight.
Increase good cholesterol in the body.
Reducing the risks of heart attack and stroke.
Treatment of many problems of the heart and blood vessels.

How to get fish oil

Types of fish oil

There are many types of fish oil, including:
1- Natural fish oil: Omega-3 fatty acids are often available in the form of triple acids.

2- Processed fish oil: In this type, the oil is processed to purify it or raise the concentration of omega-3 in it, as fish oil is converted into ethyl esters, and this type does not exist in nature in this way.3- Reformed triglycerides: In this type, the ethyl esters in processed fish oil are reconverted to triglycerides, which are called “reformed”.

4- Fish oil capsules: They are similar to regular capsules or in the form of “soft gel”, and they are the most common types, as they contain oils rich in omega-3 acids.


fish oil capsules price

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How to get fish oil

How do I get fish oil?

You can get fish oil by eating its natural sources of fish rich in omega-3 acids or through nutritional supplements rich in fish oil from Vitazone, and you can also get many vitamins and supplements that the body needs through the Vitazone platform as well. Buy now.

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