The best type of calcium pills

The best type of calcium pills

Calcium is one of the necessary elements for building bones and maintaining a strong body structure, and vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium in the body, as well as many other benefits of calcium for the safety of the body in general. There are many forms of calcium pills in the form of nutritional supplements that are taken when needed, so we discuss in this article the best types of calcium pills and their most important benefits for the health of the body.

The best type of calcium pills

Calcium benefits for the body

Calcium builds and strengthens bones, especially in childhood, as the body needs more vitamins and minerals to grow strong and healthy.
Calcium maintains bone health after growth stops, as it protects against osteoporosis that occurs with age.
Calcium is one of the important elements for maintaining the health of the heart muscle, as it plays a role in helping the muscles to contract in a balanced manner.
Calcium contributes to the process of blood clotting, the activity of body enzymes, and the secretion of hormones.
It helps to strengthen the teeth and protect them from weakness and cracking, as calcium deficiency causes the appearance of some white spots on the teeth.

What is the relationship between calcium and vitamin D?

The relationship between calcium and vitamin D is to maintain bone health in the body, as vitamin D helps increase calcium absorption.
It is worth noting that in the case of vitamin D deficiency, the body does not benefit from calcium completely despite the presence of sufficient quantities of it, so the body gets the best benefit from calcium with the presence of sufficient amounts of vitamin D, each of which complements the work of the other, the body obtains vitamin D mainly Through exposure to sunlight, there are also many foods and supplements rich in vitamin D.
Vitamin D is an inactive element in the body and is activated by hydroxyl. On the other hand, about 99% of the calcium is in the bones and teeth, while the rest is distributed in the blood, muscles and other body tissues.

The best type of calcium pills

Best calcium pills with vitamin d

Many vitamins and nutritional supplements are available in pharmacies, and they mainly aim to enhance the health of the body and compensate for what is lacking in minerals and vitamins, given the importance of vitamin D with calcium, so most companies were keen to manufacture products that contain both elements together, and among these products are the following: :
1- Osteocare tablet
It is one of the best calcium pills with vitamin D, as Osteocare contains a group of important substances, including calcium, vitamin D, zinc and magnesium, which helps maintain the health of the bones and the body in general.
It is available in pharmacies in the form of tablets or syrup, so it is suitable for children and adults.
Calcitron capsule
This drug contains a group of substances and vitamins that help to strengthen the body and enhance immunity. It is used to prevent osteoporosis. This drug is prescribed during pregnancy and lactation to supply the body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs.
Calcimax tablets
It is a nutritional supplement that supplies the body with its need for calcium, and therefore contributes to strengthening muscles and maintaining bone health. On the other hand, this drug helps to control the level of magnesium and phosphorous in the body, which controls the level of blood pressure.


Calcium rich nutrients

The most prominent nutrients rich in calcium in its natural form are:
There is no doubt that healthy, balanced food rich in vitamins and minerals is one of the most important factors for building a healthy body and strengthening immunity. Calcium and vitamin D are available in many foods, the most important of which are milk, cheese and eggs. Among the most important foods that contain vitamin D are the following:
Fish such as salmon and tuna.
whale liver oil.
Dairy products.
Mushroom mushrooms.
Soy milk.

The best type of calcium pills

How to get the best calcium products

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