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Feroglobin Syrup Specifications

Feroglobin syrup for children is one of the iron-rich nutritional supplements, which are given to children and newborns in order to get the adequate amount of iron. Feroglobin syrup is also used in the treatment of anemia in children and newborns.

What are the uses of Feroglobin syrup?

1- Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in children.

2- Providing the child with the necessary nutrients during the growth period.

3- Weakness of personality and strengthening the child's intelligence.

Dosage and method of using ferroglobin syrup

Children from 1 to 6 years old:

5 ml (teaspoon) once daily.

Children over 6 years old:

5 ml (teaspoon) twice daily.

Very important note:

The child continues to take Feroglobin syrup for 3 months to raise the hemoglobin level and eliminate the anemia completely.

Feroglobin syrup side effects

Iron medicines may cause a change to the black color in the color of the stool, and there is no need to worry and to complete the entire treatment period without problems. Interactions with other medicines:

There is no interaction between Feroglobin Syrup with any other medicine due to its non-ionic molecular nature

Feroglobin B12 syrup price for children

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