Centrum Multivitamin for Adults 100 Tablets

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Centrum Multivitamin for Adults 100 Tablets is one of the best multivitamin supplements that are specially designed to support immunity and boost energy in the body. There are several types of Centrum, including Centrum Adalt, Centrum Energy, Centrum Silver and many others.

Centrum ingredients

Centrum adlt consists of vitamins and minerals important for the body, including:

    Folic acid.
    would like.

Benefits of vitamin centrum for men

There are multiple benefits of vitamin Centrum for men and women, and these benefits of Centrum include:

    Support the immune system.
    Stimulating hair growth, increasing strength and density.
    Contributes to strengthening nails and preventing their breakage.
    Promote eye health and prevent associated diseases.
    Maintaining the health of the skin, and adding radiance and freshness to it.

centrum lutein

Centrum Lutein is designed to help meet your nutritional needs and support your daily health and condition. Micronutrients are essential to the body, as are carbohydrates and fats.

centrum price

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Vitamin Type: Adult

Suggested age: 18-50

Product Form: Chewable Tablets

Directions: Chew one (1) table daily with food

Package Quantity: 100 Tablets

Origin: Canada

Brand: Centrum
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