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Description for perfectil max

Perfectil Max is one of the best nutritional supplements for treating hair loss and has a wonderful role in strengthening hair from roots to ends, in addition to its role in the freshness and moisturizing of the skin and strengthening of nails.

ingredients of perfectil max

Perfectil Max consists of a group of vitamins and minerals that promote hair health and give the skin freshness and hydration. Among those vitamins:

    Biotin, zinc, iodine, riboflavin (vit. B2) and niacin (vit. B3)
     Vitamin C.
    extra biotin.
    Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
     lutein extract

The benefits of perfectil max

It nourishes the hair and fights hair loss.

Vitamin Perfectil increases hair density and shine.

Treating frizzy, weak and brittle hair.

Perfectil Max promotes healthy hair growth.

Promotes mood improvement.

Strengthening and strengthening the immune system.

perfectil max price

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Perfectil max dosage

Two (2) tablets of Perfectil Max are taken daily.
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