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Description of Sudoku Cream Sudocrem

Sudocrem sudocrem is characterized by its wonderful ability to soothe sore skin and treat rashes, especially caused by diapers and many other skin problems. Sudoku cream is suitable for all ages, as it is gentle on the skin and effective in treating cases of skin ulcers and rashes in children.

Sudocrem benefits

 It simply and effectively treats minor cuts, scrapes and burns at the same time.

Treats diaper rash cases in a child.
 It has an effect with acne and eczema that affects the skin, especially adolescence, sunburn and bed sores

Sudoku Cream Ingredients

    zinc oxide
    benzyl alcohol
    benzyl benzoate
    benzyl cinnamite
    citric acid

How to use Sudocre Anti-Inflammatory Cream

How to use Sudocrem for children and adults is as follows:

    Wash the affected area and dry it well
    Apply a thin layer of the cream to the skin
    Gently massage the cream into the skin in circular motions

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