Causes of bone and joint pain

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Bone and joint pain is one of the most troublesome for a person because it makes him unable to perform his daily tasks efficiently and without discomfort, and there are many causes of bone and joint pain that many people suffer from, one of the most prominent causes of joint pain is gout, which occurs as a result of the accumulation of uric acid Which causes the formation of a type of crystal, which in turn causes inflammation in the joints. Acute attacks of gout often occur specifically in the big toe, and pain may appear in other places as well, such as: the ankle and knee.

Causes of bone and joint pain

The main causes of bone and joint pain

There are many causes that cause bone and joint pain, including the following:

Injury or trauma to the joint.
dislocation of the joint;
Stretching the muscle or tendon, especially in the ankle area.
Infectious and inflammatory diseases accompanied by joint and muscle pain.
Viral or bacterial infection.
Influenza infection.
rheumatoid arthritis

Causes of bone and joint pain
Causes of bone and joint pain

How to overcome bone and joint pain

Bone and joint pain can be overcome by doing some healthy behaviors that relieve pain and lead to recovery. Among those behaviors are the following:
Weight loss. Excess weight puts additional stress on the weight-bearing joints. …
Doing exercise. Exercising can help keep joints flexible.
heat and cold; Hot compresses or cold compresses may relieve arthritis pain.
Auxiliary devices.
Take vitamins and nutritional supplements that relieve bone and joint pain.
Avoid depression or stress that causes a psychological state that puts the body under a psychological state that leads to a reaction by means of bone and joint pain.

Causes of bone and joint pain

The most important vitamins for arthritis

The body needs many different vitamins that help it get rid of many annoying symptoms, and give it better health and energy for a better life. Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins that the body needs to overcome joint and bone pain, and vitamin A strengthens the immune system and improves eyesight. And many other benefits of vitamin A.
Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins to protect the bones and joints from various symptoms, such as osteoporosis, or prevent severe pain that may incur.
Vitamin B12, which plays an important role in increasing bone density, and protecting it from fragility.

Causes of bone and joint pain

How to get vitamins that protect against joint and bone pain?

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