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centrum adult Description

Centrum adult a wonderful nutritional supplement from the famous Centrum group, which contains many vitamins and minerals that the body needs on a daily basis, as these vitamins strengthen the heart muscle and build neurons in the brain.

Centrum adult Multi Vitamin Ingredients

Centrum adult consists of a group of the most important vitamins and minerals, including:

    Vitamin A.
    Folic acid.
    Contains Vitamin C.
    Vitamin D.
    Panthonic acid.
    Vitamin E.
    Vitamin K.
    Contains Vitamin B6.
    Vitamin B12.

Centrum adult benefits

Centrum has many benefits, including:

Contains antioxidants.

It helps the heart and brain cells to do their jobs in a healthy and sound manner.

It contains the important elements that the body needs, such as zinc and selenium.

Very useful for pregnant women, as it provides the woman's body with the amount of vitamins and minerals that she needs during pregnancy, such as calcium and iron.

Centrum helps strengthen eyesight and maintain eye health.

How to use Centrum

One tablet per day of Centrum, with or without food, with a sufficient amount of water.


    Keep out of reach of children, because it contains a large amount of iron, which causes fatal poisoning for children under 6 years old.
    Please adhere to the prescribed dosage.

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