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Description of Centrum Specialist Heart 

Centrum Specialist Energy If you need to boost your body with the energy needed to carry out your daily life, and whatever the nature of your work, whether you are an athlete or a student, you want to boost your energy and make your day full of energy and vitality.

Centrum Specialist Heart Ingredients

    Potassium chloride.
    Dibasic Calcium Phosphate.
    Microcrystalline cellulose, ascorbic acid.
    Magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate.
    Ginseng root, dl-alpha tocopheryl chelate. ...
    Niacinamide, ferrous fumarate.
    Crospovidone, modified corn starch, calcium pantothenate.

Centrum Specialist Heart Benefits

General tonic and increases energy level

Treating stress and depression

Contributes to converting the food you eat into tremendous energy

Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals the body needs.

How to use Centrum Specialist Heart:

 The tablets are taken at a rate of one tablet daily with a sufficient amount of water.

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