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Description of Ginsana capsules

Ginsana 115 grams are capsules that help you get rid of fatigue and stress, lack of focus and distraction, and promote relaxation, in addition to helping to combat impotence. Ginsana capsules also reduce feelings of anxiety, tension and a feeling of general weakness, and enhance the immune system.

Benefits of Ginsana capsules

Improving general health.

Strengthening the immune system.

Improving mental and intellectual abilities.

It is used in cases of erectile dysfunction in men.

It reduces the incidence of influenza because it works to strengthen the immune system.

It increases activity and vitality.

Get rid of apathy, fatigue and exhaustion.

Stress and anxiety states.

Activates the metabolism process.

It is used in cases of nervous stress.

It increases physical and mental balance.


The usual dose is two capsules daily in the morning at breakfast, or one at breakfast and the other at lunch.

The dose can be increased to 4 capsules per day in the first phase of treatment, in cases of severe stress and tension.

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