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Description of Biotine & Bepanthene Injection

Biotine & Bepanthene injections work to increase the density and growth of your hair. It also works to supply the nails with the compounds and materials required to strengthen them, in addition to preventing nail fragility, and also prevents hair loss and protects it from many problems.

Biotine & Bepanthene Injection Ingredients

Biotin is synthesized from vitamin H or vitamin B7, which is a derivative of the vitamin B complex. This vitamin also accelerates blood flow to hair follicles and roots. As the importance of vitamin B7 works to raise the percentage of red blood cells inside your body, in addition to helping it to grow new cells inside the body.

Benefits of using biotin and bepantene ampoules

Where Biotine & Bepanthene injections contribute to increasing the density and growth of your hair, thus you get long and healthy hair.

Both Biotin and Bepanten provide the compounds for your nails to strengthen them, thus preventing brittle nails and splitting in a haunting manner.

And where biotin and bepanten work in the event of hair loss and loss to supply the hair with vitamins that enhance the strength of your hair.

Also, if you suffer from damaged hair, you can use Biotine & Bepanthene compounds to get rid of hair damage.

How to use Biotin and Bepanten injections

To get healthy, strong and shiny hair, use Biotine & Bepanthene by intramuscular injection.

You have to mix an ampoule of Biotin with an ampoule of Bepanten in one needle, and then inject it into your body intramuscularly..

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