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PREMARIN cream is used to treat vaginal problems caused by low estrogen levels, and it is also used to treat vaginal pain during intercourse, and it is one of the best cream for vaginal dryness.

Benefits of premarin vaginal estrogen cream

Premarin vaginal estrogen cream is one of the best medications that are used to treat vaginal dryness in women, which occurs due to several reasons, including:

    Low estrogen level.
    Menopause and menopause.
    Weakened immune system.
    Take some antidepressants.
    No foreplay before intercourse.

Ingredients of Conjugated Estrogens

The main component of the drug is estrogen, as vaginal estrogen cream is an alternative to estrogen in women when it is not naturally present in their bodies, and it is a mixture of estrogen hormones to treat most vaginal problems.

How to use premarin vaginal cream

    The medicated applicator that comes with conjugated estrogen cream is filled with cream.
    The applicator is inserted high into the vagina and squeezed to apply the cream.
    The penis is cleaned with warm water and soap and rinsed well.
    Premarin vaginal cream is available only with your doctor's prescription and directions.
    The dosage is based on your medical condition and response to treatment.

Premarin vaginal cream price

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