Calcium Plus 600 mg 60 Tablets

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Caltrate plus contains calcium as well as collagen-supporting minerals that help maintain bone strength and elasticity. Caltrate 600D3 with minerals provides the most benefit from the benefits of Vitamin D3 to help increase calcium absorption to support healthy bones and teeth.

Caltrate ingredients

    Vitamin D.

 One of the most powerful nutritional supplements that contain calcium that every body needs to treat calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, in addition to vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, and boron to support collagen in the joints, increase flexibility and make the most of Caltrate tablets. To strengthen bones and teeth, prevent diseases of weakness and osteoporosis, and improve the body's natural growth rate.

Calcium 600 with vitamin d3 Benefits

    Caltrate plus is used to treat cases of heartburn and indigestion.
     Vitamin Caltrate prevents the body from absorbing phosphate from the stomach.
     Caltrate is used to treat hypocalcemia as well as hypophosphatemia.
     Caltrate prevents joint and bone pain that occurs as a result of menopause.
     Caltrate 600 with Vitamin D improves the body's natural growth rate.
    Caltrate 600 is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease and treat kidney failure.
    Caltrate is effective in treating hypothyroidism.
    Caltrate pills are used to treat osteoporosis.
    Caltrate 600 with Vitamin D helps treat roughness and increase joint flexibility.
    Caltrate 600 works to fight free radicals and prevent cancer.
    Benefits of calcium and vitamin D for hair with minerals to increase hair strength and vitality.

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