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Description of Move Free Advanced

Move Free Advance S Chef contains many important ingredients that treat cases of osteoarthritis, knee and vertebrae. Move Free Advance is not only analgesic, but works to treat all symptoms that affect bones and joints in general, in a short period.

Product: Move Free Advanced, Ice Chef, 120 Coated Tablets

Country of Origin: America

Move Free Advance benefits

Treatment of joint stiffness, knee and vertebrae.

 Treatment of roughness and arthritis and vertebrae.

Supporting and strengthening ligaments and tendons within a very short period of time.

Treatment of shoulder, neck and joint pain, especially knees and spine

Treatment of joint roughness, especially for the elderly

Treatment of all types of arthritis and vertebrae (Arthritis & Sore Joints)

Osteoarthritis treatment

 It has an important role in the treatment of herniated discs (C.Prolaps)

Move Free Advance ingredients

1- Glucosamine

2- Chondroitin

3 msm

4- Calcium

5- Hyaluronic acid

Dosage Move Free Advance

One tablet 3 times daily after eating or 3 tablets together once daily after eating.
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