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Pregnacare breastfeeding is a nutritional supplement for mothers after pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period to provide the mother's body with vitamins and minerals lost during pregnancy.

Benefits of Pregnacare breastfeeding

It helps in increasing the production of breast milk for lactating women, as it is of high nutritional value, increases energy levels, strengthens bones and maintains general health.

Pregnacare breastfeeding is one of the most important vitamins for breastfeeding mothers, providing a healthy and varied diet for post-pregnancy mothers.

It helps in the production of nutritious breast milk for children and maintain their health during the postpartum period.

The product has been specially designed by experts for nursing mothers, providing them with reasonable and balanced levels of vitamins and minerals.

It works great in supporting the health of the baby because it contains DHA needed to support the eye health and brain of the infant, and calcium to strengthen the teeth and bones in the body.

Pregnacare breastfeeding also increases the energy levels in the mother's body, as she is scanty during this period due to lack of vitamins.

Because it contains iron, Pregnacare helps prevent the mother from suffering from anemia , which exposes the mother to wasting, general weakness and difficulty concentrating and may lead to increased hair loss during that period.

 Taking Pregnacare tablets preserves the mother and the infant as the infant’s iron stores run out after the end of the first six months, as it nourishes the child through breast milk.

Indications for use PregnaCare

Pregnacare breastfeeding help maintain the general health of the mother through proper nutrition because it contains many vitamins such as: Vitamin K and D

Pregnacare increases the production of nutritious milk in the breast to nourish the infant through the intake of milk.

The calcium in pregnacare breastfeeding contributes to the maintenance of normal bone health for the mother.

 Pregnacare Dietary Supplement Aids in the normal development of the brain and eyes of infants who obtain their nourishment from breast milk as it contains Docosahexaenoic acid.

Because vitamin Pregnacare contains omega-3, it helps greatly to improve mood and thus reduce the feeling of post-pregnancy depression.

Pregnacare Vitamin Ingredients

 Pregnacare Breastfeeding Vitamins contain Omega 3.

Pregnacare food supplement containing folic acid.

Contains Vitamin K.

Pregnacare Vitamin contains Vitamin D.

Pregnacare tablets contain iron.

Pregnacare supplement contains magnesium.

Pregnacare breastfeeding dose

Two (2) tablets per day of Pregnacare are taken with an omega capsule, preferably with a meal.

Pregnacare Precautions for Breastfeeding

Keep in a cool, dry place.

keep away from the reach of the children.

Do not exceed recommended doses.

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