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Description for Well Baby Syrup

Wellbaby Vitabiotics syrup is one of the best nutritional supplements for children in the first years of their life, because it is fortified with vitamins and minerals that are much needed in their early stages. Wellbaby syrup is one of the products of Vitabiotics company, which is specially designed to provide the child with proper nutrition at the beginning of his life.

Wellbaby ingredients

 Wellbaby includes in its composition a large number of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for the safe growth of your child away from diseases, and these components are:

     Vitamin A, Vitamin D.
    Vitamin B1 "thiamine", vitamin B2 "riboflavin", as well as vitamin B3 "niacin".
    It also contains vitamin E.
     Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Pantothenic Acid.
    Biotin, zinc, iron, barley extract, lysine.

Wellbaby benefits

The benefits of Wellbaby syrup are numerous, including:

Wellbaby - Wellbaby contains 14 different vitamins and minerals for the health of the baby and the baby.

Rich in Swiss alpine barley.

Rich in iron that helps increase the cognitive and cognitive development of the child.

Rich in Vitamin D to support bone health

wellbaby price

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