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What are Wellman capsules?

Wellman pills for men is a nutritional supplement produced by Vitabiotics company, and Wellman contains 27 valuable nutrients that enhance the body's energy to help it perform exercise and training. It also contains iron, which helps reduce fatigue and fatigue. It comes in the form of 30 capsules packed in two strips, each strip contains 15 capsules.

Wellman capsules for men ingredients

    Vitamin B6.
    and vitamin B12.
    Vitamin E
    It also contains vitamin B2 or riboflavin.
    Pantothenic acid.
    Siberian ginseng extract.
    Coenzyme Q10.

Benefits of Wellman capsules for men

Wellman pills help you provide your body with vigor and vitality

It strengthens the immune system of men.

Regulates the metabolism.

Wellman pills enhance energy production because they contain ginseng.

Improve heart health and strengthen blood circulation.

Reduce tiredness and fatigue.

A food supplement that has an effect on sexual desire.

Dosage of Wellman capsules for men

One capsule daily with the main meal with a glass of water. It should not be taken on an empty stomach and it is not chewable.

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