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What is zinc?

 Zinc tablets from Life Extension Life Extension is a food supplement whose basic composition is zinc known for its importance in enzymatic functions as used by athletes to build muscle, the benefits of zinc for women are also numerous, so zinc deficiency is a great danger to humans in general.

Zinc Vitamin Benefits:

    One of the benefits of zinc for hair is that it helps prevent hair loss and makes it healthy.
    Zinc pills, along with conventional treatment, help relieve ADHD symptoms.
    One of the most important benefits of zinc for the body is that it greatly enhances immunity.
    Zinc capsules contribute greatly to the treatment of diarrhea.
    One of the benefits of vitamin zinc for women during pregnancy reduces the risk of premature birth.
    Zinc tablets help treat acne and treat dermatitis of the extremities.
    One of the benefits of zinc pills is that it helps relieve symptoms of depression.
    Zinc pills reduce the risk of retinal degeneration, which causes blindness.
    Zinc medicine helps treat ulcers and prostatitis.
    Zinc tablets are a sexual tonic for men because zinc helps in the production of sperm.
    Zinc supplement contributes to the improvement of Alzheimer's disease.
    Reducing cholesterol in the blood of patients with clogged arteries.
    Zinc supplements help strengthen nails.

Dosage of zinc capsules

The recommended daily allowance of zinc is 8 milligrams (mg) for women and 11 mg for adult men.

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