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Description of Pantogar capsules

Pantogar capsules are one of the most popular medicines used to treat hair loss cases. It also works to prolong hair thanks to the fact that it contains an active substance that works to stabilize the hair strands and re-grow it again and works to activate the metabolism of the hair, which is a future treatment against hair loss again.

Pantogar Capsule Ingredients:

Pantogar pills contain a group of important ingredients for hair, as follows:

    Vitamin B1.
    Vitamin B5.
    It also contains yeast.
    The drug contains creatine.
    Plus l-cysteine.

Indications for use Pantogar capsules:

    Hair loss cases.
    Treats the scalp and boosts metabolism.
    Nourishes the hair and provides it with nourishing keratin.
    It works to sprout hair from the roots.
    Renew hair cells and provide the energy needed for hair.
    It contains several rare vitamins that nourish hair and activate its cells.
    It helps prevent graying of the head and delays the appearance of white hair, as it gives the hair a natural dye.
    It has a good effect on nail growth and strength
    Protect nails from split ends..

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