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Calcium Magnesium Zinc

Nature's bounty calcium magnesium zinc is a multi-mineral food supplement that is used as a strong and preventative remedy to strengthen the body's immunity, as well as strengthen and maintain bones and muscles due to its calcium and vitamin D content, and maintains healthy skin, hair and nails.

nature’s bounty calcium magnesium zinc . benefits

calcium magnesium zinc has many benefits for the general health of the body, because it contains multi-benefit minerals and vitamins, such as:
Calcium Benefits

    One of the benefits of calcium is to maintain the integrity of bones and muscles, provide them with strength, protect against spasms, and strengthen the spine.
    Calcium is important for the regularity of the heart muscle, protecting blood vessels and regulating their work.
    Calcium prevents cramps and muscle cramps.
     Calcium also works to maintain and strengthen the health of teeth.
    Calcium protects against the risk of colon cancer.

magnesium benefits

    Magnesium keeps the body and brain healthy.
     Magnesium acts as an anti-inflammatory.
     It treats some symptoms of depression, as it works to protect and regulate the nervous system.
     Magnesium helps high blood pressure patients as it reduces high blood pressure.
    Magnesium also helps diabetics control blood sugar levels and protects against diabetes.
     Magnesium has an important role for practitioners of different sports, as it works to supply the body with the energy needed for sports practices and protects against muscle pain.

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