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Description of Deep Heat Cream

It is a topical analgesic that can help relax muscles, relieve pain, reduce stiffness and improve blood flow to the affected area thanks to its active ingredients such as methyl salicylate and menthol. which along with the body's natural enzymes; Generating a penetrating warmth that can be used to treat several types of pain.

Ingredients of Deep Heat Cream to treat back and muscle pain


      Eucalyptus oil.

      Methyl salicylate.

      Turpentine oil.

      Sodium Cetostearyl Sulfate.

     Cetostearyl alcohol.

Benefits of Deep Heat Cream

    Helps treat back pain (including Lumbago).

     Treats mild arthritis pain, as well as muscle aches or pain.

     Contributes to reducing neck pain, used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases or fibrositis.

    It reduces shoulder pain, helps in treating sports injuries, and is also used in the treatment of bruises.

    Treating sprains or strains, Deep Heat Cream helps relieve inflammation.

    Contributes to the treatment of sciatica pain, used in the treatment of swollen fingers.

    Acts as a humidifier

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