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Pregnacare Max vitamins contain folic acid to maintain the health of the fetus and avoid any deformity or birth defect of the fetus, in addition to its benefit in the growth of pregnant body tissues.

Bergnacare Max pills ingredients

It contains vitamin B - vitamin D and calcium in very appropriate concentrations to prevent osteoporosis that affects the mother, as the fetus absorbs the two elements from it during pregnancy for proper growth.

Pregnacare Max Benefits

    Pregnacare Max capsules are an advanced formula and the result of long-term studies by nutritional experts.
     Pregnacare replenishes and provides new mothers with the nutrients needed to maintain their health and energy.
    Pregnacare Max helps the normal, healthy development of a child, as it contributes to maintaining the health of the brain and eyes.
    Pregnacare Vitamin for pregnant women is a nutritional supplement for the prevention of anemia and anemia, so it must be used throughout the period of breastfeeding and pregnancy.
    The omega-3 in Pregnacare Max helps reduce the risk of ADHD in children.
    It works on the production of red blood cells and then converts them into fats and energy proteins that the body needs.

Pregnacare Max Dosage

The dose of Pregnacare Max is two tablets daily, after the main meals, with a large glass of water.

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