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Description of Feroglobin Capsule

Feroglobin Capsule is a food supplement produced by Vitabiotics, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer. It is one of the best iron-rich nutritional supplements that provide the body with the iron needed to compensate for the lost, and Feroglobin is a gentle capsule on the stomach to suit everyone.

Ingredients of vitabiotics Feroglobin capsules

Vitabiotics Feroglobin capsules consists of a group of important vitamins and minerals that enhance the amount of iron in the body, namely:
Vitamin B6

·Folic acid

Vitamin B12

Iron (Fumart)



Feroglobin Capsules benefits

There are many benefits of Feroglobin Capsule to support the health of the body, as it does the following:

Iron deficiency anemia treatment.

Contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells

Iron contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue

Contributes to improving general health.

Provide energy and support immune system function.

Protecting the fetus from the risk of malformations.

Support skin health and stop hair loss and intensification.

ferroglobin capsule price

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Function of ferroglobin capsules

The function of the capsules is to provide the necessary iron for red blood cells and hemoglobin.

To transport oxygen to the heart, brain, tissues and muscles throughout the body, and you can benefit from these pills if you are athletic or skinny.

You can also benefit from it if you are pregnant or during your period, as ferroglobin provides the body with the nutrients needed to strengthen it.

Feroglobin Dosage

Take one capsule daily with or after the main meal
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