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Folic acid plays an important role in cell renewal, and this role is clearly visible in the cells of the digestive system, because it is one of the fastest cells in regeneration. In the bone marrow, it also acts as a carrier of one-carbon compounds

NOW Foods Methyl Folate Dosage

The recommended dose of methyl folate is one tablet daily, after meals.

NOW Foods Methyl Folate Benefits

There are many benefits of methyl folate for the health of the body, the most important of which are:

    Breaking down harmful fats in the body of men and converting them into energy.
    Protects the respiratory system and lungs.
    One of the benefits of methyl folate is also that it works on the physiological functions of men.
    It can help the nervous system to perform its functions distinctly.
    It solves anxiety and tension and improves the man's mood.

NOW Foods Methyl Folate price

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