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AMS MFS Plus 120 tab The Strongest To Enhance Male Fertility:

AMS MFS Plus for men capsules is a medicinal product in the form of a food supplement.

It also works dynamically and excellently to improve your sperm in terms of number, shape, strength and speed of movement.

It also contributes to reducing DNA fragmentation.

The AMS MFS Plus supplement is a combination of natural ingredients that contribute significantly to your overall health.

AMS MFS Plus components

The main ingredient of this dietary supplement is Reliura, which is an extract of the plant, Magnolia officinalis, and Philodendron amorens.

The supplement also contains antioxidants that improve the quality of sperm.

Vitamin E at 400 IU and Vitamin C 200 mg.

Lycopene, methionine, vitamin A, folic acid.

Selenium, Vitamin B12.

Benefits of AMS MFS Plus

    It increases the concentration and number of your sperm.
    It also accelerates the movement of sperm and increases its effectiveness significantly.
    Reduces abnormalities that can affect your sperm.
    It also contributes effectively to the success of the fertilization process, through its effect on several factors related to fertilization, including the age of the sperm, its movement, number and concentration.
    It also enhances the chances of procreation, by working to complete the arrival of the sperm to the egg in order for the fertilization process to take place.
    This is thanks to the presence of selenium in the compound.

How to use AMS MFS Plus capsules

The prescribed dose is four capsules per day, divided into two doses.

Also take two capsules after a meal and swallow them through a glass filled with water or cold juice.

AMS MFS Plus price

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