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Natrol Daheh 50 mg 60 Tablets is one of the best products that strongly help in improving mood and reducing stress, and many people consider it the perfect solution to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. It also plays an important role in increasing sexual desire in men and women, in addition to many other benefits of Natrol Dahia 50 mg 60 tablets, which we separate in the following lines.

Benefits of Natrol Dahya 50 mg 60 Tablets

    It helps powerfully in treating the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.
    It increases sexual desire and fertility in men as well as women.
    DHEA increases the energy and activity of the body in general.
    Promotes a balance in hormone levels that fluctuate with age.
    Vitamin DHA reduces the chances of heart disease.
    It also helps reduce symptoms of adrenal insufficiency.
    Dahya 50 pills enhance physical and mental strength.
    Contributes to reducing the symptoms of aging and aging.

Ingredients of Natrol Dahya 50 mg 60 Tablets

The product consists of many components such as:

    Calcium (calcium carbonate) 60 mg at a concentration of 4%.
    Microcrystalline cellulose.
     silicon dioxide.
    Stearic acid.
    Cellulose gum.
    Magnesium stearate.

Natrol Dahya 50 mg 60 tabs price

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