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Now Foods GABA capsules are used to solve the problem of insomnia and nervous tension. In addition to using the capsules as a natural sedative to remove the effects of stress and anxiety, the capsules also play an important role in losing weight and increasing energy in the body, so the product is the best for bodybuilding to build muscle.

How do I use Gaba now?

One capsule of GABA is taken two to three times daily as needed, preferably on an empty stomach.

Now . GABA Supplement Ingredients

    Contains cellulose.
    Contains Vitamin B6.

Benefits of GABA supplement from Now Foods

     It eliminates insomnia that hinders normal sleep.
    It relieves anxiety and nervous tension.
     Mood improvement.
    GABA enhances the nervous system and provides relaxation.
    It increases growth hormone, which will increase muscle growth, so it is useful for bodybuilders because it works to promote lean muscle growth.
    GABA is a dietary supplement that reduces blood pressure, and therefore it is recommended for use in patients with high blood pressure

Gaba supplement price from Now Foods

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