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Description of Pregnacare Orginal for pregnant women

Pregnacare Original is one of the best nutritional supplements important for pregnancy to provide mothers with important vitamins and minerals for this period. Pregnacare Original is one of the famous Pregnacare products that support women's health during different periods of their life.

pregnacare original ingredients

Pregnacare original consists of a group of the most important vitamins and minerals essential for women's health, such as:

    Vitamin D3.
    Vitamin E.
    Folic acid.
    Vitamin C.
    Vitamin B6.
    Vitamin B12.
    Vitamin K.

pregnacare original . dosage

pregnacare original tablets dose: one tablet daily, after the main meal.

Benefits of pregnacare original tablets

The benefits of Pregnacare Orginal for pregnant women are numerous, as it works on:

Contributes to the growth of hematopoietic tissue during pregnancy.

It contains high levels of iron unlike other nutritional supplements.

Pregnacare Original for pregnant women contains magnesium, iron and vitamin C.

pregnacare original tablets contain Vitamin D3

It contains folic acid, which protects the fetus from any birth defects.

pregnacare original . price

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