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Osteocare Original Syrup is one of the best effective nutritional supplements for treating children with delayed movement, walking and teething. It is the nutritional supplement that is suitable for all ages. Osteocare syrup is one of the best nutritional supplement manufactured by Vitabiotics. This supplement consists of a wide range of essential elements and minerals. On top of it are calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and zinc, which your body requires on a daily basis.

Osteocare syrup ingredients

Osteocare syrup contains a group of active minerals, primarily calcium, and many vitamins and minerals such as:

    Magnesium Hydroxide by 179.9 mg: It is a rich source of magnesium in case of a deficiency in the body.
    Calcium carbonate by 374.6 mg.
     Cholecalciferol 1.9 mcg, Zinc Gluconate 22.6 mg.

Benefits of Osteocare Syrup

There are many benefits of Osteocare syrup for the body, including:

Protect and protect the body from osteoporosis.

Strengthening the body with the necessary calcium and strengthening it with many other minerals.

It helps treat cases of delayed walking and teething, and also treats cases of delayed growth in children.

Dosage of Osteocare and method of use

The correct dose for adults is 2 teaspoons daily.

If you are going to give it to your children, it should not be given to children under four years old.

For children between the ages of 4 to 12 years, they are given one teaspoon daily.

Osteocare syrup price

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